Agreement for Online Casino Games Signed by Kindred

The innovative casino development firm Design Works Gaming (DWG) has officially signed an agreement with Kindred Group. The collaboration between the two companies will help DWG bring more people its online casino games.

Players have a lot to look forward to, and while some of DWG’s games, including Hold Your Horses and Flippin’ Rich, are already available through Kindred Group, the studio has a lot more in the works. The studio’s vast library of games gives gamers the feeling that they’ve been transported to a wild night in Sin City.


Significant Progress Made By DWG

Design Works Gaming CEO Troy Zuraswki released a statement praising the company’s new partnership with Kindred Group. Since its inception, the company’s sole focus has been on providing the best possible online casino gaming experience to its customers. As a result, it has amassed an impressive network of influential industry insiders. As part of the agreement, the company will collaborate closely with Kindred to enhance the DWG experience for all customers.


Kindred Group spokesman Gareth Jennings elaborated that his company places a premium on content that can provide players with new and engaging experiences, and that DWG’s online casino games unquestionably meet these criteria. Mr. Jennings continued by saying that Kindred players expect and deserve unique material that is both entertaining and risk-free. Kindred’s dedication to provide the best casino experiences on the market has been strengthened by the addition of DWG to the company’s portfolio.


Details Regarding the New Affiliates

The founding of Kindred Group may be traced back to 1997. The company, formerly known as Unibet, is now well recognized as a pioneer in the development of online casino games. The company currently employs around 1,600 employees across nine brands, and it plans to grow this number in the near future. While advocating for ethical gambling practices, the company prioritizes creativity, honesty, and technologically-driven methods.


In contrast, Design Works Gaming has emerged as a leading innovator in the casino game development space. The firm’s mission is to provide each customer with an exceptional experience. DWG has only been around since 2005, yet they have already released over a hundred successful iGaming titles. About a thousand of its games may be found at casinos all over the globe.

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